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[IMAGE] Multi-page multimedia storyboards: Easy to create and can include text, images, and video across multiple pages.  Accessible from your resume, the sidebar, or the portfolio page of your websites. Space and flexibility to communicate your experiences in an engaging and memorable way.
[IMAGE] Interactive keywords: Clicking a keyword opens a filtered (functional) view of your resume bullets showing where you have demonstrated the keyword or skill.  You control the keywords and which bullets they display. Helps viewers understand your capabilities and boosts credibility for the keywords you place on your resume.
[IMAGE] Multiple Custom Resumes: Our versioning and maintenance system makes it easy to create and maintain multiple resumes.  See what is new and changed across resumes, update with the press of a button, and correct typos across all resumes with a single click.  Create and store different versions of bullets, summaries, and keywords. Quickly create new resumes by clicking which versions you want to include on each resume. Targeted resumes with language that matches each opportunity helps viewers see how you are a good fit.
[IMAGE] Journal: Capture ideas and details about your experiences over time which will be valuable when you update your resume or prepare for a performance review.  Set a periodic email reminder for yourself.  Turn journal entries into blog posts with the click of a button. Blog: Blog using text, images, and video to share your thoughts and ideas.  Manage comments.  If you already blog on another site, you can integrate your existing blog into your intRvue websites. Including your blog along with your resume and portfolio in a single seamless marketing package makes it easy for viewers to get a full picture of you.
[IMAGE] Multiple Custom Websites: Assemble targeted websites in minutes by selecting from your library of stories and resumes. Choose which web pages to include and where you want the viewer to land. Add a personal message using text or video that speaks directly to your target audience. Your viewers will be impressed when they can tell your website was built just for them.
[IMAGE] Email Cover Letters: Send professional looking email cover letters that include your contact information, a cover message, and a button that links to one of your intRvue websites. Track where you have sent your emails, set follow-up dates, and make notes for your reference. Great visual impression and an easy way for your viewer to access your website.
[IMAGE] How it Works: Enter your experience, character, and passion.  Complete your profile information and social media links.  Create multiple customized resumes.  Develop multi-page multimedia stories.  And, journal and blog.  Assemble multiple customized websites that can be targeted to each of your opportunities.  Send professional looking HTML email cover letters with a button that links viewers to your website.  Place a link on your business card.  Place links on your social media sites such as LinkedIn, facebook, and twitter.  And participate in directories to be searchable by Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engines.
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